The basics of caring for pets

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To raise a dog well and keep it in good health, several basics must be followed to achieve this. It is not possible to raise a dog without knowing the information needed to take care of it, whether about eating and drinking or taking care of its cleanliness and health and one of the basics of caring for the dog, we find in the first place taking care He eats him, then cleans him, which must be done regularly, while brushing his teeth and adding a sharpener to his hair shaving. In this article, we will mention the most important of these basics in detail.

1 nutrition

For dogs to remain healthy, they need a healthy, balanced diet that ensures them enjoy a normal daily activity, by including all the nutrients.

Minerals and Vitamins:

Among the most important minerals are calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, and vitamin B complex, in addition to vitamin A, as these compounds are necessary and very important for the construction of the dog’s body, especially muscles and physical structure, and they are also needed to build strong bones and maintain chemical reactions in the dog’s body.
They are important for completing many chemical reactions in the dog’s body, such as building bones and keeping them strong.


To maintain the health of the dog’s intestines, carbohydrates must be included in the dog’s diet, as they are an essential component of a healthy diet for the dog.


To maintain the healthy appearance of the skin and hair of dogs and provide them with energy, they must contain to feed on fat in a reasonable amount, and among these fats the task
There are omega-3, and omega-6, vegetables, and grains.


Dogs use proteins to create their muscle tissue and twenty-three kinds of amino acids make up proteins, their bodies may generate thirteen types of proteins, and the remaining ten must be derived from milk.


Make sure dogs have healthy water because they are at risk of death if they lack one-third of the amount of water that makes up their bodies.

2 Care for healthy hygiene for dogs

Animal Cleaning:

Most dogs like good brushing, so the toothbrush also helps to prevent skin irritation by removing the dead hair from the fur of the dog, and in fact here the brush has more than one role, as its role is not only to clean but to control the hair loss of the dog.

Clipping the Nails of a Dog:

If you have a dog that is always in the open air and is very active, then his nails will have to be trimmed regularly, and this issue ranges from once a week to once a month, but the pruning scissors are often feared by both dogs and their owners, and if you’re afraid, this is the best way to ask the vet how to trim the dog’s nails safely.


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