Facts you may not know about Fight Club movie

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1. Over time during the filming of the movie, Edward Norton deliberately lost weight and reduced sleep, while Brad Pitt engaged in tanning sessions.

2. “Brad Pitt” claims he didn’t want his parents to see the film but he couldn’t tell them not to see it, after seeing the chemical burning scene, they changed their minds.

3. The wage for “Brad Pitt” in the movie was $ 17.5 million, while the wage for “Edward Norton” was $ 2.5 million.

4. The filming lasted 138 days, with more than 300 scenes filmed in 200 locations and 72 locations designed by production designer Alex McDowell.

5. Director David Fincher said in an interview with UK Film Magazine that a cup of Starbucks coffee appeared in all of the movie clips.

6. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton both learned how to make soap.

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