four. 1, iOS 12. four, iOS twelve. three. two, iOS 12. three. one, iOS twelve. 3, iOS 12. two, iOS 12. 1. four, iOS 12. 1. 3, iOS 12. 1. two, iOS twelve. 1. one, iOS twelve. 1, iOS 12. one, iOS twelve. Hexxa is a jailbreak repo extractor for iOS 12 – iOS twelve. four. four variations. It originally produced focusing on iOS 12. 2 jailbreak. Hexxa will set up the Jailbreak apps by extracting Repos. You can set up Cydia on iOS 12 and increased variations working with Hexxa as well as get virtual jailbreak encounter from Trimgo as a result of Hexxa.

Hexxa additionally is upgraded version of Hexxa for iOS thirteen. It has numerous added functions other than the Jailbreak app set up. Ziyu Repo Extractor. Compatible iOS variations – iOS thirteen. three. 1 (Beta), iOS thirteen. three, iOS thirteen. two. three, iOS thirteen. two. two, iOS thirteen. 2, iOS 13. one. three, iOS 13. one. two, iOS 13. 1. 1, iOS 13. 1, iOS 13, iOS twelve. four. three, iOS twelve. 4. 2, iOS twelve. four. 1, iOS 12. 4, iOS 12. three. 2, iOS twelve. three. 1, iOS 12. three, iOS twelve. 2, iOS 12. one. four, iOS 12. 1. three, iOS 12. 1. two, iOS twelve. one. one, iOS twelve. 1, iOS 12. one, iOS 12. Ziyu is Jailbreak Repo extractor. It will set up jailbreak app extracting jailbreak repos.

You can download it from Ziyu formal website web page or 3rd social gathering app retailers these types of as zJailbreak, Xabsi or iExtras. It is obtainable numerous well known repositories to install jailbreak applications. Vistian Jailbreak Tweaks. Compatible iOS variations – iOS 13. three, iOS 13. 2. three, iOS thirteen. 2. two, iOS 13. two, iOS thirteen. one. 3, iOS thirteen. one. two, iOS thirteen. one. 1, iOS 13. 1, iOS thirteen, iOS twelve. 4. four, iOS twelve. 4. 3, iOS twelve. four. two, iOS twelve. four. one, iOS 12. four, iOS twelve. three. 2, iOS twelve. three. 1, iOS twelve. 3, iOS twelve. two, iOS 12. one. 4, iOS twelve. 1. three, iOS 12. 1. 2, iOS twelve. one. one, iOS twelve. 1. Vistian is Jailbreak app set up process. It will put in tweaks applying Apple Shortcut application. It has Vistian tweak collections made by 3rd social gathering app developers. Anzhuang online jailbreak application installer. Compatible iOS versions – iOS twelve. 1. four, iOS twelve. one. three, iOS 12. one. 2, iOS 12. 1. 1, iOS twelve. one, iOS 12. one, iOS twelve, iOS 11. 4. 1, iOS eleven. 4, iOS 11. three. 1, iOS eleven. 3, iOS 11. two. 5, iOS eleven. 2. 2, iOS eleven. two. 1, iOS eleven. two, iOS eleven. one. two , iOS eleven. one. one, iOS 11. one, iOS 11. 3, iOS eleven. two, iOS 11. one, iOS eleven, iOS 10. three. 3, iOS 10. 3. 2, iOS ten. three. 1, iOS ten. three, iOS ten. 2. one, iOS ten. two. Anzhuang is a NO Computer jailbreak solution and it works by using dev code extraction approach to set up jailbreak applications / tweaks.

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You are unable to set up Anzhuang from Apple App keep. Anzhuang distinctive on zJailbreak and Xabsi app outlets. You can set up a significant number of third celebration apps, tweaks and very simple themes making use of Anzhuang for iOS variations. Velonzy Jailbreak application installer. Compatible iOS variations – iOS 11. four. 1, iOS 11. four, iOS eleven. 3. one, iOS eleven. three, iOS 11. two. 5, iOS 11. 2. 2, iOS 11. two. one, iOS 11. two, iOS 11. 1. two , iOS eleven. one. one, iOS 11. one, iOS eleven. 3, iOS eleven. 2, iOS 11. 1, iOS eleven, iOS 10. three. three. Velonzy is a jailbreak application installer for most current iOS variations.

It works by using UDID registration method to install jailbreak applications/tweaks for most current iOS versions. Both equally on the web system and Laptop aid method are readily available to put in Velonzy. It is advisable to use both equally strategies to install extra jailbreak applications / tweaks simply because readily available jailbreak app selection differs from every single other technique. 03.

GUI tool dependent Jailbreak. This was the most effective Jailbreak approaches for Iphone designs and aged iOS versions. This is a headache-free lasting Apple iphone Jailbreak technique referred to as as an untethered jailbreak.

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